Friday, August 4, 2017

A visit from Miles and his Mom

This past week we had some visitors.  Miles and his Mom Katie came for a visit.  What a busy, week we had, but a fun one.  They arrived on Saturday evening, late.  We drove to Jacksonville to pick them up as their original flight was delayed.   Sunday morning we got up, Kate wasn't feeling well so she opted to stay home, but we took Miles over to Aurora to the Pungo Pit for a dig and to tour the fossil museum, plus a little picnic lunch.

After an awesome time digging and a great tour of the museum we headed over to the Ferry, to catch a ride.

After a windy ferry boat ride we headed over to check out the shrimp boats at Hobuken, NC.

Ended the day with a little baseball in the back yard.

Then to top of an already busy day Mike took Miles over to his favorite fishing hole across the street. He caught the biggest fish ever and another one almost as big.

On to Monday.  The plans for the day were to cruise to downtown New Bern on the boat, do a little walking around and have some lunch, then cruise home.

Sailing under the BIG bridges

Miles seemed to feel much at home behind the wheel and took great instruction from Mike.

Miles had a bit of hunt while he visited us.  His goal was to find as many of the New Bern Bears as he could and in return we would give him a quarter for everyone he found.  Needless to say he left this morning with $10.00 in his pocket.  Not bad for bunch of bears. 
Some time on the swings with Nana while Papa and Mom toured the church.

Of course a little Pepsi at the Pepsi museum
Miles had such a big time in New Bern he fell asleep in the cockpit on the way home.

Ended the day with a swim in the pool.

Tuesday was BEACH day.  Miles had never before been to the ocean.  What a great time he had.  He was not afraid at all of the waves or water or the sand for that matter.  Ended up coming back with what seemed like a bucket load of sand in his swimming trunks.

Even got to fly a kite.

Looking for shells with Mom.

Tuesday evening Mike and Miles went back to the fishing hole, but this time the fish had wised up and the guys came home with no new fish stories.

Wednesday we took Miles to a HUGE playground and spent some time there, then out to lunch at CookOut.  That evening Miles, Kate and Mike went on a Ghost tour of New Bern, while Nana stayed home to regroup.  No pictures from the days activities, except for the gorgeous sunset I took while hanging out at the boat.

Thursday we hit the road once again and headed down to the coast to the Aquarium at Pine Knolls.  Mike and I had never been there and thought Miles and his Mom might enjoy it with us.  What a nice little Aquarium.  

HUGE sand sculptor.

Loved the recycled fish.

Okay a little silliness too!

Friday morning rolled around and the visit was ending.  One last trip over to the Airport to catch the plane back to Columbus and back to home for Miles and his Mom.
One last bear to find.

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